Sunday, March 23, 2008


Floating along on a sea of dreams
Tidal waves, never an aim
Never belonging, never understanding
I savor my presence in the dreamscape
Like a god amongst Men
Unscathed in my eternal powers

And when you pass me by
Did you know you're in my dreams?
When I last smiled at you
Did you know you are the dream?

Drink of my blood, share my flesh
Walk into my dreamworld
Come witness the wheel of the world
And reign in lands that'll never be

Welcome in, have a nice day
Hold your head up high
For it's all about you
In ways only you will ever see

Stripped of reality and sanity
Don't dictate to me what I should do
Free of all ties, I finally believe
In my self-created world
I live for the dreams


  1. thank u so much for those kind words at my Poem...

    this poem that u have written is as if talking about my own feelings... simply loved it..
    i will comeback to read more..


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