Sunday, March 16, 2008


Good morning Life. How are you doing today?

Today I realized so much about you. I hope you forgive me. Lately I have said some really bad things about you. Though I'm usually not one to admit my mistakes easily, I do right now. I have been wrong about you.

You see, I am young and brash. All I can think about is here and now. Sometimes - at times of my happiness - you brought things down. At times of hardship, you seemed to have an uncanny ability of multiplying the problems. I was quick to judge you and call you mean and cruel. But now I realized - how can I judge that which I cannot see? There's no knowing what the future holds. And as long as it is shrouded in darkness then I'd be unfair to judge you.

I believe you are not cruel Life. I believe you are just honing me and tuning me for the things ahead. It is a case of cruel to me kind.

Thank you Life. I really appreciate everything you go through for me. I only pray that when the time comes, I'd have learned all the lessons you taught me and would be able to put them to good use.

Forgive me once again for how I have treated you. I was not taught the truth about you while growing up. But my promise to you is to teach the truth to anyone who comes seeking it.

May your light shine bright in the hearts of all humans.

The strongest swords are forged in the hottest fires.

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  1. I simply love this post, Breathe.
    You know, in my life, I've learned the most when it seemed cruel to me. Only later did I see why what had happened was good for me and, then, thanked God for it.