Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Symphony

I am in love with everything around me. I've fallen in love with life. I've fallen in love with everything beautiful. I've fallen in love with everything horrible and wicked.

I love the faces I see everyday – even when they are worn or angry. Every places I have visited on Earth has left its mark on my soul, scarring me forever. And I love it.

I love it all because of the harmony that exists in everything. Life – that wild, untamed monster – is so perfectly in harmony that it defies all reason. That is why it is so hard for us to really believe it is in harmony. We tend to think that it is unfair, wicked to some and kind to some. But that is not true. It is perfectly balanced. I'm not going to rant about how each person gets something and loses something – that is not what I am about. Even thinking in terms of humans only is a simplistic and insulting notion.

This is bigger than humans or animals or birds or whatever. This is about everything at the same time. How everything falls together and plays out the same tune.

It is my firm belief that – amidst all the different melodies of life – there exists a symphony. A symphony to bring all the melodies together. A beautiful creation of love, hate and everything else. If we can listen carefully, if we would take the time to listen closely, maybe – just maybe – there is a chance to hear that symphony. And if you ever do hear it, my God it is the most beautiful, liberating, invigorating feeling ever! It is like being reborn. It is the symphony of the harmony of life. It is the most beautiful sound ever created.

It is like finally understanding. It's like all the pieces falling in place at the same time. Everything might be falling around you but it'll still make sense. You would understand that – in everything horrible – there's beauty. And in everything beautiful there is horridness.

Have I ever heard that symphony? No. But I know it exists. And I know it is worth searching for my whole life. I have heard many of the melodies and I know that one day I will hear the symphony too. The question is, are you ready to search?

I would show you everything I know so far – but everything is too extreme. Maybe it is best to wait and see if you are ready or not. After all, the symphony is not going anywhere.


  1. I enjoy reading ur blog a lot, and feel so much comfortable when I come here :)..but sometimes I find the "No Comment" is the best thing I can do.

    I agree with u, life is a great symphony where everything has a role, and whenever someone or even something is missing, u feel that something wrong has occured and the symphony isn't going right.

    Best regards to ur nice melodic words.

  2. I feel i've come close to hearing the 'symphony' & on reflection, perhaps i have experienced it, and have been at one with it-but only once.

    It is our fears, our desires that blind us to the light...