Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everyone Matters

In our busy lifestyles, it is often that we miss personal interactions with those around us. In other times, some people may seem unworthy of time or care or attention.

We see them everyday, but we never notice them. We talk to them everyday, but we never really hear them. We interact with them everyday, but we rarely feel them. It's almost as if they are invisible. But the truth is, everyone matters. No matter how small or big they are, they all matter in their own way.

So sometimes, life pulls you and shakes you and tells you just what the hell is wrong with you!?

Its simple. Its only a matter of life. Its a matter of lifestyle.

Its only when these people are gone, that you start realizing how integral and important they were for your life all along. Only then you start to appreciate the fact that, now they are gone, life will not be the same again.

People will come and go, that is the nature of life and I have learned long ago to accept this simple fact. And just as is the nature of humans, we forget, we move on. That is where our primary strength lies.

Cold-hearted? Maybe. But it is the only way life can carry on. But the beauty in humans lies in the fact that, while we forget, people don't disappear. They linger on - like ghosts- and visit us as memories. Some memories hurt, some memories are full of pain. But the essence of a memory is love.

Memories are born of love. We don't remember those people we dislike or hate. The memories that live on are born of love, and that is why they should be a source of happiness.

Next time I'm walking down the street I will remember you. And it will bring a tear to my eye. But then I will remember who you were. I will remember how you were. And I will smile.

And I know this is how you would want to be remembered.


  1. Everybody really matters while we are moving on :)

  2. Memories are very special, and what is even more special is when we recall this memory, at this precise moment you realize what a great person he / she was, in a very distinct way.

  3. I miss you loads ya hamada :)