Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sadness (Friend)

I hate to see you this way my friend. I hate to see you sad.

You have no idea what that does to me. It's just like everything goes out of prospective all of a sudden. Things don't make sense anymore. I really can't bear to see you sad like that.

I wish there was something I can do.

I wish I can just stand up and scream something that would cheer you up.
But I don't know what to do.

Those around me know that my biggest problem is feeling helpless. I just can't bear that feeling. I always want to believe there is something I can do to change things. But right now I feel helpless.

I wish I can cheer you up. I wish I can make things better for you.

Say a word – or just smile, and you can make me the happiest person right now. Because I don't want you to be sad anymore my friend. You are far too precious. That's all I can think of right now.

Maybe I am not so helpless at the end of the day. Maybe there is something to be done. Maybe I just need to lay my fingers on the right thing to do.

I don't want to see you sad my friend. I just want to see you happy and well.
And I will.

Only cuz you are my friend.


  1. The very fact is that if you r helpless, as you think, so how could you write such a very reflective note?! How come! :p

    Action speaks louder than words, ya Koki :)*Smile*

    (But sometimes you have to be sad to appreciate your happy moments :)Shhhh)

  2. ساعات الواحد يقرا الكلام ويقف قدامه .. بيكون جواه مشاعر جميلة أوي لكنه عاجز على إنه يكتب حرف

    أنا دلوقتي عاجزة إني أرد عليك بس بجد يا محمد ربنا يكرمك جدا ويسعدك أوي ويكتر من الناس اللي زيك علشان هما بقم قليلين

    انا حاسة اني عاوزة أقول حاجات كتير أوي بس مش عارفة أكتب ولا كلمة

    ولولا انك مش بتحب كلمة شكرا كنت قولتها

    :) سلامات يا بطل

  3. Maybe all your friend needs, is have you close, seeing the kindness in your eyes, a warm tap on the shoulder or an understanding smile.
    Sometimes simple things are more powerful ...

  4. مش عارفة أقولك ايه والله يامحمد أنا لما قرأتها حصلت لي حاجة جميلة بجد حسيت بقيمة الأصدقاء وانهم يكونوا حاسين بيك

    وبجد انا زي مروة برده مش عارفة أرد أقولك ايه بس انت انسان جميل وهرجع اقولك تاني اني سعيدة باكتشافك

    بس انت بجد خلتني مبسوطة جدا بالكلام ده

  5. Your words is so real and so right. Feeling helpless is one of the most hateful emotions anyone can experience.
    I totally agree with mooze and rousha, sometimes you can afford to do anything but understanding and considering, and by being a thoughtful person you do great great job.

  6. ça me fait mal de voir des gens qui sont tristes,pérdu,malheureux.. mais ce que me fait plaisir et me donne de l'éspoir pour demain se sont les gens commes toi,qu ils aimes ces amies et veut les aidées à guerir à continuié leurs vie, c'est touchant et gentil de ta part,ravie de étre ton amie

  7. Hey Moyo,
    after long time of neglecting my blog i wrote an entry and came to see your blog that you neglected for long time as well, to find out that we wrote, more or less, about the same topic, Friendship, though because i have unpleasant experience i would tell you:
    dont ask your friend why they're sad just leave them be, they deserve to suffer, but then again there are good friends in this world, so May Allah keep the good ones i have.

    p.s: welcome back to blogging world.

    -Silly Ellie