Sunday, February 24, 2008


Someone once told me that death is the biggest reality of life. Although this statement had all the hallmarks of depth and wisdom, I don’t agree.

I have several problems with that statement actually.

To begin with, death is not really a reality. A reality is something that has a definite, quantitative value. Yet death is far from that. We view death as the end of life, but there is much we ignore if we stick to this narrow view.

For starters, there are many people who are very much alive physically yet dead emotionally or spiritually. Do you call them alive or dead? Have you ever heard someone say they feel "dead inside"? How do you qualify those?

Then there is the fact that death sometimes heralds the start of things. Where one story ends, another story begins. As a man dies somewhere in the world, the cries of a newborn will ring somewhere else. Sometimes the death of a loved one can shock relatives who have never talked – or people who hated each other – into giving their relationships another chance. Is this death – or is it life?

The second problem I have is the fact that – for some weird reason – we always associate death with life. How can death be the biggest reality of life when the truth is, it is a way of making life cease to have any meaning to most people.

Death is just death. It cannot be quantified but neither can it be seen in relation to life. The biggest reality in life is life itself. The moment of death is irrelevant. It only matters what we did in the years of life we had before death stepped in the picture. It only matters if we made the best of life.

Death is a fleeting moment. A vivid vision that quickly fades away. But life lives on forever. It is the lives of great people that are remembered, not their deaths. That is their greatest reality. Beethoven created some of the best classic music in history even though he was nearly deaf. That is his life – that is his reality.

Shakespeare was the biggest playwright the world has ever seen. The plays that he wrote are his biggest reality as they play out every day all over the world. His death is insignificant. A fleeting moment.

And it was Shakespeare who, in understanding this reality, wrote the best description of death ever conceived. In the final chapter of his play Julius Caesar, he explains it in the simplest of manners – yet the most descriptive of manners.

He simply says "And he died."

That's it.

No splendor, no glory.

The most beautiful description of death ever wrote.


  1. As Simple as may Death might appear from you post, but as life is a great reality in itself comes the death as the loudest alarm ever, as curtains coming down to end the play.

    though we should apreaciate life and live it to the fullest, i guess we dont appreaciate death enough and give it its due respect coz its exactly like, "hey now take a break until i review your paper and see if you faild in the exam or succeeded"
    And to tell you the truth the best time for me during my exams was this time, the time i think i did my part and hoping that i will pass and get high grades.

    and hey, welcome back, the blogspot nawar again :)

    - Silly Ellie:)

  2. Welcome back Mr.Mash3'ol Moot,Really glad to read your words again !

  3. Welcome back-finally!
    I agree with what you say, but perhaps what he meant is that life, while real, is transitory. And while we never know what will happen in life, we know for sure that death is certain, & thus it is the biggest reality.

    But like you, I see life as the pervading force. And it's only if we live our lives well, that we can be remembered well after death. So as we live in life, so will we live on in this world when we're gone

  4. Death isn`t as simple as that mate! imagen yourself walking down a corridor where you can only move towards the door at the end of that corridor, there are no other option or exits but this door. some say behind that door there's another corridor and some say there's nothing just void.. aren't you atleast curious about what will you find there? afraid maybe? or would you like to stay on earth a little longer.. my friend.. believe me .. Death is the most Enigmatic Fact any human can dream of.. we ahlan beek fel 7adeeka el dawleya moyo

  5. @s.hamalawy

    You see my friend, the way I see it is there's this long corridor that you are walking down to the door at the end. But then, there are millions of side doors that lead to wonders.

    But opening these doors does not mean you leave the corridor. You will continue walking down the corridor to the inevitable door at the end. But if upon reaching that door you remember that you have already opened a few thousand doors along the way - wouldn't that door pale in importance?

    It is just another door. Either void or another corridor after it, but it is still just another door. A door that holds wonders like the thousands you opened before.

  6. ما شاء الله.. بجد جامده أوي خصوصا النهاية بتاعت البوست

    and he died

    معبرة أوي أوي

    بس مش عارفة ليه أنا مقتنعة باللي إنت بتقولة وفي نفس الوقت مقتنعة بالحكمة اللي بتقول ان الحقيقة الوحيدة اللي في حياتنا هي الموت

    على العموم أنا حقف في النص.. لحد لما شوفي جانب أنضم ليه :)

    تحياتي لقلمك